Interpol reportedly started work on a new album near the end of last year, but it could be awhile before we hear from them again. Which brings us to EmptyMansions, drummer Sam Forgarino's side project with Interpol touring member Brandon Curtis and Jesus Lizard guitarist Duane Denison. The band has scheduled an April 2 release for their debut album, 'snakes/vultures/sulfate,' but you can get a taste of things to come by checking out the video for their first single, 'That Man.'

"The clip adopts the sinister/obsession aspects of the lyric/music, while creating an entirely new--sexier backdrop," Forgarino says, adding that the song itself is a love letter of sorts to Pixies frontman Frank Black. "[It's] really about my love for the work of Charles Thompson, aka, Black Francis...But, from a creepy fan-obsessed point of view."