Australian quartet Enerate -- Josh, Matt, Ben and T -- play power-poppy dance music occasionally inspired by European action thrillers. According their bio, the guys started the band because they literally bumped into each other on a walk and decided to make synth-driven, melodic acoustic pop as a collective. We don't know if this is true, but we're choosing to believe it, because it's the most unique reason to start a band we've heard in quite awhile. We've also never heard of a dance-pop band writing its songs during action flicks, either.

"I wrote 'Unstoppable' after walking out of a movie theatre in Kings Cross, Sydney," singer Josh Graham says. "I was watching a British-German action thriller. I don't know why, but halfway through the film, I decided to write down everything I wished to achieve in my life. I'd been going though some hard times, so I think this was the moment of change where I finally said, 'F--- this. I'm going to do something about it.' The word 'unstoppable' was echoing round and round my head in the tiny cinema. I couldn't concentrate on the film. And the song just came to me. I walked out and sang it into my phone at the bus stop. Probably the quickest song I've ever written. It's a happy little tune; it's reassuring and positive, and people have really responded to it."

Enerate are in pre-production for their debut album, 'Good Times Airlines,' and as you await that release, check out the official music video for 'Unstoppable' here.

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