JJ Cale is considered one of the founding fathers of the 'Tulsa Sound,' a mixture of blues, jazz, country and rock and roll. His songs have been covered by a wealth of musicians, including Phish, John Mayer, Jerry Garcia and Johnny Cash. Eric Clapton considers Cale as one of the single most important figures in the history of rock and roll, so it only makes sense that he would want to honor the late singer-songwriter. This year, Clapton joined forces with a bunch of friends for 'The Breeze,' an album full of cover songs that highlight the impact Cale had on the music community. We're excited to offer you a chance at scoring the deluxe edition CD box set of 'The Breeze, An Appreciation of JJ Cale.'

"I would like people to tap into what JJ Cale did -- that's the point," Clapton says about 'The Breeze.' "I'm just the messenger ... I try to interpret things so that the public at large, or at least the people who listen to what I do, will become intrigued about where I got it from."

The deluxe edition box set of 'The Breeze' includes a CD of the album, a CD of Cale's original versions of the songs (including three unreleased tunes), a one-of-a-kind USB 'Turnbuckle' loaded with hi-definition tracks of all the songs on both CDs as well as an extensive video interview with Clapton, six lithographs and a beautiful 20-page book that includes extended liner notes, lyrics and exclusive photos -- all courtesy of our friends at Surfdog Records.

Joining Clapton to honor Cale on 'The Breeze' are John Mayer, Mark Knopfler, Willie Nelson, Derek Trucks, Tom Petty, Don White and Christine Lakeland.

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Good luck!

Eric Clapton and Friends -- 'Call Me the Breeze'