Erin McKeown wears many hats in her personal and professional life -- label owner, activist, producer -- but today, with her new single 'Proof,' we see her as the golden-voiced singer-songwriter that she is. The tune appears on 'Manifestra,' which dropped just two weeks ago on McKeown's own TVP Records and marks her first foray into a purely independent career.

Formerly a Nettwerk Records and Righteous Babe recording artist, she came to a career crossroads that forced her to make a realization: She needed to venture out on her own, follow her own interests and combine her political and musical visions into one focused initiative. After forming TVP, she got to work on her latest body of work.

We asked McKeown about the song 'Proof,' inquiring about where it came from and what it means to her.

“I believe in a power greater than myself, but can’t concretely prove that to you," she said. "I love the person in this song so much and to such a degree that it cannot be proven by rational means. Sometimes the truest experiences and feelings defy logic, experience, or articulation".
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