Eros and the Eschaton’s Kate Perdoni and Adam Hawkins met in Omaha, fell in love, had a baby, broke down outside of Greensboro, N.C., stayed there and made an album. It’s this family dynamic that drives said record, ‘Home Address for Civil War,' their full-length debut. From the baby’s cry heard in the opening notes of the album’s lead track, ‘20 Different Days,’ to the tight-knit sound of the couple’s brand of shoegaze, ‘Civil War’ is a family affair from beginning to end. The same goes for their brand-new video for ‘Don’t.Look.So.Sad.’

The clip depicts the couple performing in a makeshift tent with only a keyboard, snare, kick drums and cymbal. Meanwhile, a little guy we presume to be their adorable son joyously runs around, one moment covered in finger paint, the next climbing a tree. One thing’s for sure: They don’t look sad.

“The official video for ‘Don’t.Look.So.Sad’ showcases this raising of both a band and a family, juxtaposing images of young music paired with the explorations of a toddler,” Pedroni tells

The song, on the other had, has a gloomier in sound. Pedroni and Hawkins’ distant but entangled harmonies, clanging drums and cloudy guitars make us think of fellow shoegazers Yo La Tengo and Beach House.

“The song was written in the hopeful surge of the album’s themes, wherein wintering depression breaks through to reveal a gentle undercurrent of understanding that lost is essential in order to gain,” Pedroni adds.

Check out the clip above, and grab ‘Home Address for Civil War,’ out now on Bar/None Records.