Brooklyn trio Courtesy Tier wield an explosive and intricate blues-inspired rock sound, but in the past, they've had a difficult time channeling the kinetic energy of their live shows into their recordings. That all changes now.

The band (frontman Omer Leibovitz, drummer Layton Weederman and bassist Alex Picca) are set to release the Little Rock EP on Nov. 5 via Beverly Martel, but Diffuser is proud to present the three-song collection in advance. Produced by Chris "Frenchie" Smith (...And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead, the Front Bottoms), the EP finds the band at the top of their game and captures the booming sound that makes them one of the most exciting up and coming bands in New York City.

"The Little Rock EP is a significant moment in recording for us," Leibovitz told us. "We've been trying to capture an aggressive and high-energy recording that relates closer to our live show. Teaming up with (Smith) was great because he really understood what we were trying to do and he had the skill to help us achieve it." And once the band were in the right headspace, the songs just seemed to flow through them. "Unlike past releases, this recording felt as if we turned on our amps, started to play and a sound all of it's own materialized," said Leibovitz. "It felt like our writing had really grown a personality of its own."

While the music feels fresh and classicist at the same time, Leibovitz also explained that the lyrical content also pushed the band to evolve. "Unlike in the past, these songs are written about some big and difficult life altering transitions – the kind of events that only take place a few times and change the course of one's life forever," he said. "We felt that sentiment related as much to our life as it did to our sound in this recording."

 Listen to the Little Rock EP below and pre-order your copy here.

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