On Feb. 23, ARCHIS -- an artistic duo comprised of singer-songwriter Dia Frampton and film composer Joseph Trapanese -- will celebrate the release of their self-titled EP via Nettwerk Records. Today (Feb. 18), Diffuser is very excited to give fans a taste of what to expect with the brand new track, “Let Me Love” -- check it out in the audio player below.

The power of the track's symphonic opening is only matched by the beauty found in Frampton's vocals. From start to finish, it's an absolutely mesmerizing song.

"'Let Me Love,' to me, is about becoming so engrossed in something that it eventually takes such a strong hold of you, that you can't escape," Frampton tells us. "It's about becoming aware of your surroundings, or in a way, finally waking up and becoming present in the moment and realizing that the path you chose wasn't necessarily the most sincere one. It's about killing a piece of yourself so that you can re-emerge a new, and hopefully better, human being."

Trapanese adds to her thoughts, "The song is an anthem for those who love bravely and emphatically in the face of adversity. It's for the bold, the unafraid, the inspired; it's for enlightened souls who love without bounds and without rules."

To celebrate the release of ARCHISthe duo will perform two shows at the Swinghouse in Los Angeles, backed by a full orchestra. You can get more information on those concerts, as well as everything happening in ARCHIS’ world, at their official website.

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