"When you make that foolish decision to live for art instead of money, you eschew the rewards of the financially obsessed: infinity pools, Range Rovers, health insurance ... health. Your only reward will be the experiences of your life, and the only thing you will take away from those experiences is your memory of them."

What Mishka Shubaly forgets to add as a reward is what his listeners receive from hearing his music. An alcoholic and best-selling author, Shubaly's songs are soaked with bits and pieces from his life's journey -- or at the very least, the memories of that journey -- that are, at times, painfully relatable.

Today (Feb. 24), Diffuser is thrilled to debut his brand new song, "I Can't Remember When You Were Mine" -- a poignant and powerful track that finds the lyricist singing about some of his life's memories. You can listen to it in the audio player below.

"Years after a long relationship had ended, I reached out to my ex for some of the pictures we had taken in the five years we spent together," Shubaly tells us. "She had thrown them away. 'I Can't Remember When You Were Mine' is about that loss -- not just the loss of her, but her destruction of our collective memory of our time together."

"My brain is shot through with holes from the years of drinking -- what I remember of her and I, is that even real," he humbly asks. "Am I remembering what happened or am I remembering the memory of what happened? Am I just making these memories up in my head? It's maddening, and it's heartbreaking."

"I Can't Remember When You Were Mine" is featured on Shubaly's latest album, Coward's PathMake sure to stay up-to-date with everything happening in his world -- from his music to his writing -- at his official website.