From the opening beat to the culminating screams, Must Be the Holy Ghost's "Immoral Support" is a slow-burn of a track, digging its roots into the darkest depths of the listener's soul. Today (March 3), Diffuser is ecstatic to give you the official music video for the song, a similarly infective experience -- you can take the ride above.

As the mastermind behind Must be the Holy Ghost, Jared Draughon has crafted a signature sound surrounding layers and layers of electronic rhythms blended with never-ending guitars and powerful vocals.

As for the new video, much like his music, it'll likely require repeat viewings.

"It's either a pimp's bad acid trip or a musical narrative unveiling multiple personalities in a psychedelic and unsustainable relationship," he laughingly explains, albeit somewhat cryptically. "This was one of the most enjoyable projects I've been a part of. The Gorbachov brothers and I took a crazy idea and ran with it."

That "crazy idea" is rooted in his music, Draughon says. "It's a very musical video, so many of the shots are cut on beats and the projections breathe with the pulse of the song."

Must be the Holy Ghost celebrated their debut album, Get Off, last year via Cardigan Records. You can get more details on the disc and Draughon's full tour itinerary at his official website here.