Paul Doffing is no stranger to standing up for what he believes in. An environmental activist, Doffing recently toured the U.S. on his bicycle, pedaling a total of 7,000 miles and playing more than 100 shows across the states. Today, in support of his upcoming full-length, Songs From the (quaking) Heart, Diffuser is beyond ecstatic to premiere the album’s lead single -- a chronicle of that extensive bike tour -- “Slow I Go”; you can listen to it in the audio player below.

As Doffing prepares for the release of his new LP, he is also getting ready for another bicycle tour; he’s already canceled his lease and given up all of his possessions.

“One of the big lessons of bike touring is that things don’t always happen as quickly as I might like,” Doffing tells us. “You have to be mindful of our breath, your pedal stroke, your position on the bike, your nutrition and hydration, your sun protection and the traffic around you. Essentially, in order to keep up, you need to slow down."

He goes on, “This lesson is very relevant to work on sustainability issues: The road is very long. We don’t have the power to change the whole world right now, and likely things won’t be easy. Global shifts in transportation, food and power generation methods may take many decades or even longer. So, if we want to be involved in this effort, it make take our whole lifetime. With such a long journey ahead of us, the important thing is that we are mindful, not only of how we are speaking to people about these pressing issues, but about our own lives.”

He wraps up his thoughts with a nod to the new track: “Even if we go slow, we’re moving forward, knowing that it may take a long time to make meaningful and lasting changes."

Songs From the (quaking) Heart is set for release on May 30; you can pre-order the album here, and make sure to stay up-to-date with his Freedom From Fuel bike tour at his official website.

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