Sky-Pony are not your run-of-the-mill Brooklyn indie band. In fact, they aren't a standard band at all. Featuring a pair of big names in the theatrical world, they're more like a microcosm of a Broadway show packed into a burlesque-informed indie-pop outfit.

The band is a collaboration between primary songwriter Kyle Jarrow and his wife Lauren Worsham – and those names should be at least a little familiar to fans of contemporary musical theater. Jarrow is an Obie Award-winning writer for stage, film and TV who recently made headlines after writing the book for the upcoming SpongeBob Musical (featuring songs by David Bowie, the Flaming Lips and more). Worsham, meanwhile, is an acclaimed Broadway singer and actress nominated for a Tony Award for her role in A Gentleman's Guide to Love and Murder.

Sky-Pony has existed for a couple years now, but the band doesn't play "typical" gigs. Their performances are like adult carnivals with elaborate costumes, theatrical choreography and other mixed media elements infused into their unique art-pop. Jarrow told us the band allows him to explore topics from unconventional angles – something that's apparent throughout the band's upcoming debut album, Beautiful Monster"We like to think of our music as 'dark pop,' combining upbeat feels with slightly twisted subject matter," he said.

Diffuser is proud to present "The Watcher," the lead track from the album set to drop Dec. 4 via Knitting Factory Records. "['The Watcher'] is from the P.O.V. of a female stalker, singing an ode to her stalkee," said Jarrow. "Our culture tends to think of women as pining weakly for those they want but can’t have; but it felt fun and subversive to explore a woman desiring powerfully – and creepily – instead."