Released earlier this month, Sun Hotel’s Rational Expectations underlines the New Orleans quartet’s commitment to raw, unadulterated independent rock and roll. Today (Feb. 25), Diffuser is ecstatic to premiere the music video for the disc’s third track, “11:57 AM” -- take it for a spin in the video above.

"The concept behind '11:57 AM' was that we lose track of time in our every day lives and get distracted with what we are doing in the place we live or the town we grew up in that we don't ever get out there and see the world," the video's director, Bruno Doria, tells us. "The girl in the video decides she is going to leave her cozy lifestyle and see the world, while her man friend is stuck in life's endless time loop."

He continues, "The guy is trying to figure out why she left him and thinks if he keeps looking for her he will eventually find her -- until he eventually gives up."

The endless time loop is captured in mesmerizing fashion throughout "11:57 AM," and is bookended with visuals of the universe. Doria explains, "Only in space does time slow down. That's the idea with the intro and outro space-themed shots of the video. Maybe someday we can just all slow down a little and go live in space.”

That captivating visual -- which is only amplified by the song's pulsating rhythm -- is on full display throughout Rational Expectations, which is out now via Community Records. You can pick up the digital and white vinyl editions of the album at this location.

Unfortunately, "11:57 AM" may be the final music video delivered by Sun Hotel. After releasing Rational Expectations, the band wrote on their website, "It's bittersweet to say that this album will be our last. Call it our swan song if you’d like. Life has taken us all in different (but awesome) directions that have made us unable to continue writing and performing." Get more information on their farewell here.