The members of the Photo Atlas have never had a problem following their hearts. Formed in Denver, Colo. more than a decade ago, they promptly ascended to buzzworthy status on the strength of their addictive dance-punk and kinetic live shows and were adorned with critical praise and accolades.

In 2007, they released their full-length debut, No, Not Me, Never, via Stolen Transmission Records, helping to put them on the same stage as bands like Alkaline Trio, the Bravery and Portugal. the Man. They released the well-received EP, To Silently Provoke the Ghost, on INgrooves in 2009 and happily returned to their DIY roots for everything since. In 2013, they self-released their second album, Stuck in a Honeytrap, and a few days ago, they dropped the new EP, Disregard, Disconnect. The five-song collection might be their fastest, fiercest and most danceable release to date, melding a darker edge with their upbeat attitude.

Diffuser is proud to exclusively premiere the video for the new song, "Overrated" – a clip (above) that frontman Alan Andrews told us was inspired by his life with a day job. "The idea for this video came about a while back," he said. "We had just gotten back from a tour and I had to go back to work. My boss was yelling at me about something and all I could think about was this song I was working on. So we came up with this exaggerated take on the business class where even getting to work can seem like a hassle. It’s for everyone who knows that drudgery of working a redundant job. In the video we get to live out what we really want to do: quit that job!"

Pick up your copy of Disregard, Disconnect here.