As we all gear up for Record Store Day on April 18 (we heard the official release list will hit the streets sometime in mid-March), it's important to not overlook some other very exciting discs that will be hitting your local record store's shelves beforehand.

So, in an effort to serve the public, we've compiled a few of our favorite exclusive vinyl releases that are set for release in the next few weeks. Several of these albums will be very, very limited, so make sure you head to your favorite independent record store to get your name on the pre-order list (we've even included some pre-order links, you know, if you're into that sort of thing).

Matthew E. White, 'Fresh Blood'

Out on March 10, independent record stores will have a double-LP deluxe edition of Matthew E. White’s record called Fresh Blood (No Skin); it will include a “second version of the album remixed and stripped down to solo vocals, guitar, bass and rums. The double vinyl edition is an indie retail exclusive limited to 500 for North American and only 1,000 for the world.” (Pre-order)

Liturgy, 'The Ark Work'

A couple of weeks later, Thrill Jockey will be releasing an extremely limited run of white vinyl copies of Liturgy’s third full-length. One hundred copies of the black metal white wax will only be available at a select number of stores, so be sure to make friends with the guy behind the counter. (Pre-order)

Lightning Bolt, 'Fantasy Empire'

In addition to the Liturgy release, Thrill Jockey is issuing another very limited run of Lightning Bolt’s debut with the label. Fantasy Empire will be released, in another batch of just 100 copies, exclusively to indie retailers on white, pink and blue vinyl. (Pre-order)

Courtney Barnett, 'Sometimes I Sit and Think, And Sometimes I Just Sit'

Everyone is excited for Courtney Barnett’s debut album to hit the streets on March 24, but just in case you weren’t on the edge of your seat with anticipation, your local record store may have something very special for you. Packed inside the orange LP’s jacket is a special slipmat; don’t worry, though -- we’re keeping our fingers crossed that this special packaging doesn’t turn into an "elaborate record-destroying device" a la Father John Misty. (Pre-order)

Laura Marling, 'Short Movie'

Limited to just 800 copies -- and all distributed exclusively to independent record stores -- Laura Marling’s latest effort will include a bonus 7”. No word on what will be on the single, but you’ll only be able to find out by picking up this deluxe edition at your local shop on March 24. (Pre-order)

Thursday, 'Waiting'

Also on March 24, Thursday are releasing the 15th anniversary edition of their debut LP. If you want to pick up an even more special pressing of this already exciting release, chances are your local record store might have a copy or two on turquoise vinyl and packed with an exclusive 7”. There will only be 600 copies of this run. (Pre-order)

Sufjan Stevens, 'Carrie & Lowell'

At the end of March, Sufjan Stevens will unveil his highly-anticipated record, Carrie & Lowell. If you want a limited edition pressing of the LP, head over to your favorite shop; there will be 1,000 copies pressed on clear vinyl. (Pre-order)

Ryley Walker, 'Primrose Green'

One of the most limited releases in this list comes courtesy of Ryley Walker and his upcoming record, Primrose Green. Staying true to the disc’s namesake, record stores will have access to a limited selection of just 150 copies of the new album pressed on green vinyl. (Pre-order)

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