Exene Cervenka -- who helped lead one of the '80s' greatest punk bands, X -- is causing a bit of a stir as she adds "conspiracy theorist" to her resume.

In a series of posts on Twitter, the punk pioneer claimed that the recent mass shooting at Santa Barbara was merely a hoax. "Santa Barbara Shooting Staged For Gun Control," she tweeted, "Sick of these hoaxes." Another tweet simply states, "Santa Barbara Shooting Staged For Gun Control."

Many of Cervenka's recent Twitter postings appear to be conspiracy-based, with shots taken at frackers, President and Michelle Obama and something about a UFO taking down a Russian rocket.

In response to the uproar she's been causing online, Cervenka recently replied:

Earlier this year, Cervenka told Rolling Stone she was leaving California, a place she called home for many years, but now refers to as "a liberal oppressive police state."

Apparently she's moving to Texas sometime soon. "I'm a country girl at heart," she said. "It makes me happy when I see people in Texas open-carrying. It makes me feel safe. I'm not even a gun owner, but I'd like to see a gun rack in every pickup truck, like my boyfriend had when I was 15 years old in Florida. An armed society is a polite society."

On a lighter, and more grounded, note, in July, X will play four nights at the Roxy in West Hollywood, where they'll perform each of their first four albums in their entirety on successive nights. The sets will remain true to the original recordings, right down to guitarist Billy Zoom playing sax and drummer DJ Bonebrake on vibes.

Here's the band in its prime: