Eyelids, the supergroup featuring members of the Decemberists and Guided by Voices, have launched a video for their track “Falling Eyes,” which features R.E.M.’s Peter Buck in a leading role. The song comes from their second album, or, which arrives May 5.

The video premiered at Tidal and features Buck ignoring Eyelids while they try to perform for him during his birthday party. You can watch it above.

“It's a great record, and I'm not saying that because I produced it," Buck said in a press release. "Eyelids are a really cool psychedelic rock band from Portland who have been rocketing to the top over the last year or two. We recorded the l.p. in December, and it's already building up a buzz in England. Oh yeah, I'm in the video also."

The supergroup consists of singer and guitarist John Moen (the Decemberists), guitarist Jonathan Drews (Sunset Valley), singer and guitarist Chris Slusarenko (Guided by Voices), bassist Jim Talstra (the Maroons) and drummer Paulie Pulvirenti (Elliott Smith).

“Peter Buck brings a certain calm to the studio at an Eyelids session," Moen said. "I think he helps us get the best out of ourselves in a timely way – as he doesn’t like belaboring a point.” or also features contributions by Jay Gonzales of the Drive-By Truckers and Jonathan Segel of Camper Van Beethoven.

The record is available for pre-order now. Eyelids play Mississippi Studios in Portland, Ore., on May 4 to launch the album. They’ll also release a vinyl single as part of this year’s Record Store Day, featuring Gary Jarman of the Cribs – although they've described it as "what might be the world's shortest concept album."

Eyelids, 'or' Track Listing

1. "Slow It Goes"
2. "Camelot"
3. "Falling Eyes"
4. "Tell Me You Know"
5. "My Caved In Mind"
6. "Ghost Ghost Ghost"
7. "23 (Years)"
8. "(I Will) Leave With You"
9. "Don’t (Please) Come Around"
10. "Moony"
11. "You Know I Gotta Reason"
12. "Furthest Blue"

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