Wikipedia's crowdsourced editing responsibilities make it an impressively dynamic source of information — and, unfortunately, sometimes an unreliable one, as proven last week by a resourceful fan of U.K. band the Sherlocks.

As the Huffington Post reports, a concertgoer named Adam Boyd posted a Facebook update on Feb. 11 claiming that after he arrived late at the group's Royal Albert Hall gig the previous night, he grew dissatisfied with his obstructed view and decided to do something about it.

"In my drunken state I edited the band's Wikipedia page to say I was family, and it worked," wrote Boyd. "I got into the roped off VIP area because of it. Mental."

Boyd's post includes a screenshot of the band's Wikipedia entry, edited to make it look like the Sherlocks' 2014 debut single "Live for the Moment" was "influenced by main vocalist Kiaran Crook's cousin Adam Boyd." Although some fans have naturally expressed skepticism that Boyd actually thought to do this — and pulled it off — his claims were investigated by Mashable, who verified that Boyd edited the page, and the timestamps came during the show. Additionally, a photo he posted appears to have been taken from a VIP area behind the stage.

There's a rich rock 'n' roll history of fans hatching scams to bluff their way past security, and naturally, Boyd's gambit has prompted others to say they're planning on trying the same thing. For his part, he insists it was only a goof, shared with friends to get a laugh. "I only posted this with the intention of entertaining the usual 40 people that like my statuses and think I’m funny," said Boyd. "I could have not anticipated anything quite the scale of this."

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