Forget their shocking Best New Artist Grammy win a few months ago -- the highlight of Bon Iver main man Justin Vernon's 2012 so far had to be their triumphant headlining set on Saturday night at Coachella 2012. Bon Iver are all about the music, so it only seems right that the most important moment of their year -- and likely career so far -- wouldn't be accepting some glorified hardware from music industry bigwigs, but sharing their spectacular tunes with tens of thousand blissed-out fans during a headlining Coachella set.

Not surprisingly, the Twitterverse reacted with a flurry of activity, with at one point dozens and dozens of tweets being sent every single minute from both those catching the show live in Indio and those watching the webcast at home. The set reached it's transcendent peak with a set-closing 'The Wolves (Act I and II)' sing-along which brought grown men to tears

Here's a sampling of the reaction on Twitter: