Fat History Month’s sophomore LP, ‘Bad History Month,’ arrived on the heels of much praise for their debut album, ‘F---ing Despair.' As the album titles might indicate, this Boston indie-rock duo doesn’t take itself too seriously, or maybe it takes itself entirely too seriously — it’s hard to tell.

Jeff Meff (guitar, vocals) and Bob Hobby (drums) create songs that are smart, satirical and incredibly witty, and they pair them with all-over-the-place arrangements that somehow manage to work together seamlessly. It’s like Modest Mouse, but without all the anxiety. Take for instance ‘The Future,’ a track we’re offering as today’s free MP3 download, in which Meff wails the opening line, “We live in a world where all the toilets flush themselves. It’s for your safety.” Comparisons aside, these guys have something that’s entirely their own.

In an effort to offer listeners some additional insight into the track, Meff told Diffuser.fm, "Hijinx are extinct.” We think not, nor do we think it was a coincidence that ‘Bad History Month’ dropped on April 1.

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