For today's free MP3, self-proclaimed "working class cosmopolitan" band Faulkner offers their single 'Triumph Of the Underdogs.'

The band's Facebook sums them up well: "Faulkner blends elements from the streets and a smuggling lifestyle with a raw and honest delivery of life's harsh realities."

"'Triumph Of the Underdogs' was written for anyone who feels misfit or disadvantaged," founder Lucas Asher told, "I raised myself as a kid and always felt alone and like an outsider. I discovered how to use my setbacks as a ships sail to move me forward. People will relate to this song's message if they feel they might be missing something but aren't willing to let that missing element hold them back. In these 'social media' times where everyone presents the best version of themselves, listeners may find the song's honesty refreshing and be inspired not to let any self-doubt or blemish hold them back from what they desire."

UPDATE: This song is no longer available for download.