Last month, we discovered that Franz Ferdinand were teaming up with Ron and Russell Mael of ‘70s glam-rock greats, Sparks, for one supergroup dubbed FFS. Back when they made the announcement, the newly minted band teased the song, “The Domino Effect.” Now, they have revealed the six-minute ode declaring “Collaborations Don’t Work.” Take a listen above.

“Collaborations Don’t Work” is just as grand and theatrical as the 30-second clip of “The Domino Effect” suggested. Both songs are slated to appear on FFS’ forthcoming self-titled debut, with “Collaborations” acting as the LP’s penultimate track. FFS is due out June 8 via Domino; see the complete tracklist and cover art below.


FFS are scheduled to play a handful of European shows and music festivals. Check out a list of stops here.

Franz Ferdinand dropped their most recent album, Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action, back in 2013. Sparks released their last full-length, The Seduction of Ingmar Bergman, in 2009.

FFS Tracklist
1. “Johnny Delusional”
2. “Call Girl”
3. “Dictator’s Son”
4. “Little Guy From the Suburbs”
5. “Police Encounters”
6. “Save Me From Myself”
7. “So Desu Ne”
8. “The Man Without a Tan”
9. “Things I Won’t Get”
10. “The Power Couple”
11. “Collaborations Don’t Work”
12. “Piss Off”

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