The phrase "piss off" may never have sounded so cheerful as when it arrived today (April 1) in the form of "Piss Off" by the group FFS, a collaboration between Franz Ferdinand and Sparks. Listen to the track above.

With its piano-driven chorus of "tell everybody to piss off tonight," the tune already sounds destined to be a jukebox and concert-singalong favorite. Lively, lighthearted and pleasantly sarcastic, this maiden offering from FFS also comes with the announcement that the group's self-titled debut is now officially scheduled for a June 8 release via Domino Records.

The album -- get the tracklist below -- was produced by John Congleton, whose slew of credits include recordings by Modest MouseSt. Vincent, Amanda Palmer, Earl Sweatshirt and Rubblebucket. While it's too early to tell just how much FFS will veer into sonic territory that hasn't been explored by either of its constituent bands, it already seems clear that the music will prominently feature piano, spring-in-your-step rhythms and plenty of humor.

The so-called "trailer" for the album featured little more than a brief chant of "we / must / make / a / good / im / press / ion," but that in addition to this initial song debut should be enough to spark the curiosity of fans.

FFS, FFS Tracklist
1. “Johnny Delusional”
2. “Call Girl”
3. “Dictator's Son”
4. “Little Guy From the Suburbs”
5. “Police Encounters”
6. “Save Me From Myself”
7. “So Desu Ne”
8. “The Man Without a Tan”
9. “Thing I Won't Get”
10. “The Power Couple”
11. “Collaborations Don't Work”
12. “Piss Off”

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