Los Angeles-based rock band Fim can be easily described in one word: demented. These guys are pretty good at bending your perception of melody by putting chords and words in places that they don't belong.

In fact, their new album, 'Alien Beach Party,' is pretty much an interstellar celebration of sand, sun and the oddities that drive the California four-piece. Their latest single, 'Fast Cars,' begins with a list of motor vehicles -- from Maserati to Honda -- before changing pace and completely flipping its logic.

It's a constant guessing game that encourages repeat listens and a few head scratches. Even the chorus features two counter chord progressions, mixing together minor suspended chords with major-key jamming. It shouldn't work, but for some reason it totally does.

"'Fast Cars' is kind of dark, but with a great pop sensibility," Fim's Nick Biddle tells Diffuser.fm. He's right. Download this oddball rocker below, and enjoy something new.

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