It was a tight race, but Fim have driven their 'Fast Cars' past the competition and claimed victory in our Crucial Cut of the Month poll for August 2013. The L.A. rockers grabbed 33.2 percent of the vote, edging out the Get Togethers, and while we dig both bands, we applaud Diffuser readers on their good taste.

Fim have a newish EP out called 'Alien Beach Party,' and that's as good a description as any of their sound. 'Fast Cars' is slick and icy like Gary Numan's similarly titled New Wave classic 'Cars,' but it's more irreverent and less robotic, and the inventive music keeps you grooving and guessing in equal measure.

“‘Fast Cars’ is kind of dark, but with a great pop sensibility,” Nick Biddle told, hitting it right on the nose.

What inspired this ode to automobiles? What makes these West Coast weirdos tick? We hope to answer these and other questions in the coming days, when we holler at the fellas and conduct our Crucial Cut Interview, their prize, if you can call it that, for winning our contest. Stay tuned for their Q&A, and in the meantime, vote in our next Crucial Cut competition.