Fine Times are a power pop duo in the literal sense -- they're a duo, and it's unbelievable that two guys are able to make sounds this big. Check out 'Hey Judas' from their self-titled debut here.

Matthew Moldowan and bassist Jeffrey Josiah Powell had played in an earlier project that broke up. After it dissolved, the two found themselves suddenly playing as a duo, making enormous pop sounds that harken back to Phil Spector and Roxy Music, and recording a record with New Pornographers producer Howard Redekopp. What resulted is a seriously impressive debut.

Of single 'Hey Judas,' Jeffrey Powell tells, "I’d sent Matt the initial idea with the main chord progression and synth hook. Within an evening, he laid out the structure and final lyrics. The songs we’ve written together and felt best about have always happened that way -- quickly. If an idea doesn’t finish naturally, it gets dropped and we move on."

One listen to 'Hey Judas' and you'll see why this one didn't get dropped -- lucky for us. Grab it below, and watch out for 'Fine Times' on Light Organ Records.

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