Finish Ticket's 'Doctor' boasts an enormous cinematic chorus that evokes feelings of nostalgia and timelessness, a la 'Johnny B. Goode,' or something by the Four Seasons. The sock-hoppy ballad effectively portrays the anxious energy that comes with a life-changing decision -- like dropping out of school to play rock 'n' roll.

"The meaning behind 'Doctor' is based around our mutual feelings of uncertainty about the future, as well as our longing to get back to a past happiness," Finish Ticket guitarist Alex DiDonato told "We wrote it during a very unpredictable time in our lives -- we had just taken time off from college to pursue music, and a lot of people thought we were throwing away our lives or something. We tried to express our feelings of desperation and nervousness that we were feeling at that time through 'Doctor.'"

"But we feel much better now!" he concluded.

It's a good thing, too, because Finish Ticket shows a lot of promise, and we all know the student-loan system is a racket anyway. Grab 'Doctor' below.

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