Today (Nov. 10), Jacksonville's rock quintet, Fit for Rivals, have released their latest single, 'Freak Machine.' To coincide with the track's debut, Diffuser is thrilled to partner with the band to premiere an interactive video of sorts -- and you can check it out above.

'Freak Machine' is instantly catchy with a steady groove and constant build-up that feels like the song could go off the rails at any moment. For the video, Fit for Rivals called on their fans to submit photos of their freak machine faces.

“A ‘freak machine’ can be any number of things,” frontwoman Renee Phoenix tells us. “It can have a sexual connotation, an empowering meaning that sets you apart from others, or simply a crazy robot as seen in our last music video for ‘Hit Me.’ In our song, I meant it in a sexual way, but take it as you will.”

The band loves playing the song for fans. “‘Freak Machine’ is one of the most fun songs to perform live and really gets the crowd moving -- as well as myself, with awkward dancing,” she goes on. “Our new material is definitely more dynamic, and we hope that our fans can have some fun with this one.”

But the fans aren’t the only ones who should have fun with ‘Freak Machine.’ “The track has a rock vibe, but it’s different enough in a way that it appeals to a wide variety of musical tastes. We truly focused on having fun with this song,” Phoenix admits. “Maybe in our subconscious we were channeling ‘Grease’ because you could hand-jive to this track -- along with mosh if you choose. I can’t wait to dance with everyone on our next tour.”

Stay up-to-date with everything happening in Fit for Rivals' world at their official website here -- and if you like what you hear with 'Freak Machine,' make sure to take a gander at their past catalog via iTunes.

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