Striking another blow against "half-naked, patchouli-soaked, white guy dreadlock festivals" everywhere, Stephen Colbert played host to the Flaming Lips during Thursday's (Aug. 16) installment of StePhest Colbchella '012: RocktAugustFest.

Like other StePhest guests -- including fun. and Grizzly Bear -- the Flaming Lips hung around for an unorthodox interview (this one conducted inside a space capsule) and a three-song set, taking the stage to deliver live renditions of 'Ashes in the Air,' 'Drug Chart,' and 'Do You Realize??' before steamrolling the crowd in their signature giant plastic balls.

After introducing frontman Wayne Coyne as a member of a "psychedelic rock band from Oklahoma" and musing, "I didn't know you could get high on corn," Colbert lay down in the space capsule next to Coyne and quipped, "A lot of your music sounds like the ideas come from outer space."

Having set the tone for their chat, Colbert proceeded to make Coyne choose between sex and music and grilled him about his 13-year stint as a cook at Long John Silver's ("Did you ever think about just throwing yourself headfirst into the fryer?") before talk turned to the Lips' latest LP, 'The Flaming Lips and Heady Fwends.'

Pondering the difference between "fwends or pwofessional cowweauges," Colbert discussed the album's star-studded guest list, including Yoko Ono -- about whom he joked, "You were lucky to work with her -- you're also lucky to still be together as a band, because she will break up a band like that." Watch the complete interview segment, along with the musical performances, at the link below.