If you've seen the Flaming Lips live, you know all about the crazy multimedia show they put on. The spectacle includes a wild light show, bubbles, balloons, buckets of confetti and singer Wayne Coyne's giant laser-shooting hands. Unfortunately, the Lips report that those specialized hands went missing after the band's appearance at the Southbound Festival in Busselton, Western Australia, last weekend.

"F---!!!!!! Someone stole Laser Hands!!!" reads a post on the band's Facebook page. "Please please please!! At South Bound Festival !!! F---!! Help us!!!"

The band has yet to offer a reward for the laser hands, but were sure Coyne and co. would show their appreciation for their recovery in some suitable way. Perhaps a ride in Coyne's legendary plastic crowd-surfing ball?

Speaking of that ball, the Lips have said that they have a backup, just in case his main one pops. But no backup laser hands are known to exist, so if they aren't recovered, future Lips concertgoers might not experience the power of the hands.