When the ice bucket challenge first started, there were plenty of naysayers who claimed it was merely a fad and not doing any actual good for the cause. Well, thousands of challenges -- and millions of dollars -- later, the challenge seems to be doing exactly what it was intended to do: raise awareness and money to help battle Lou Gehrig's disease. From Eddie Vedder to 'Weird' Al Yankovic, celebrities are getting in on the action as well. And now we can add Flaming Lips frontman Wayne Coyne to the list.

Accepting a challenge from his good friend and all-around infamous pop star Miley Cyrus -- who decided to take the "rice" bucket challenge -- Coyne answered the call in a way that only Coyne could do. First, watch Cyrus' challenge:

As a bit of a shout-out to Cyrus, Coyne first had rice poured over his head. To wash himself clean, though, he followed it up with a bucket of glitter in true Lips fashion:

Coyne and Lips guitarist Steven Drozd are celebrating the release of the debut album for their new project, Electric Wurms. Check out our in-depth interview with Drozd about all things Wurms-related here.

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