Dave Grohl screams, at the top of his lungs, "These are my famous last words" to open the Foo Fighters' new single 'Bridge Burning' from the much-celebrated 'Wasting Light' album. It's one helluva an opening salvo, as though Grohl is revealing his intentions to release a full can of whoop ass on the listener in the space of four minutes. Brace for impact, Foo fans!

The Foo's catalog is rife with rowdy rockers such as this and we're pleased to report that 'Bridge Burning' is another fine addition to that particular part of their cannon, thanks to the punk rock energy, the massive riff, the battering-ram drumming and the overall sonic thunder the band as a whole brings to the song. There's a pulse-pounding beat that is woven throughout the song, preparing the listener for further sonic detonations. It's not an easy listen, but it's one of those fist-in-the-air anthems that can cause a "pop up" mosh pit at one of the band's shows; that is, the pit will last for that song and order will be restored when the last note of the tune fades out.

Close your eyes and envision Grohl knuckling down on his guitar, gritting his teeth and bounding all over the stage. Yeah, 'Bridge Burning' is that visceral.

There's lots of discord, but through all the vim and vigor, a singular melody holds everything together. The buzzing, blasting riff that closes the song is indicative of the reason that the voters handed the 2012 Hard Rock Performance Grammy to the band, even if the metal contingent heartily disagrees. The Foos rock and they rock hard.

Listen to Foo Fighters 'Bridge Burning'