After spending most of the year apart from each other to recharge, Foo Fighters look like they’re about to have a busy 2017. Today (Nov. 7), they announced their first concert of 2017, and in a manner that suggests that they’ll be traveling the world this year, and maybe even a new album title.

This morning, they launched a new website called, which redirects from their domain and features a map of Europe from space on which Portugal is in red, with a passport superimposed. Clicking open the passport reveals a stamp bearing the name, location and date of that upcoming performance.

They’ll be playing the NOS Alive festival in Passeo Maritimo de Alges in Lisbon, Portugal, on July 7, 2017. As of now, the three-day festival has only announced two of the acts on the bill, with the other being Depeche Mode, who are headlining on the closing night of July 8 as part of their tour promoting their upcoming release Spirit. Daily and three-day tickets (with camping options) are currently on sale, and you can find complete information at the festival’s website.

So while it appears that they’re going to announce more European dates, it also prompts the question of the reason for the passport imagery. Could they also be planning to release a new album called Passport? After all, Dave Grohl did recently say that he was working on new music. And it would seem a logical step after exploring the various threads of American music with 2014’s Sonic Highways. Foo Fighters always have a way of teasing their fans and then making announcements with a particular amount of style. We’ll have to wait and see.

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