The Foo Fighters were joined by Cheap Trick guitarist Rick Nielsen in another surprise guest spot on their Concrete and Gold tour.

Nielsen took part in a rendition of “Ain’t That a Shame” at Chicago’s Wrigley Field. Foos frontman Dave Grohl took over the drum kit for the Fats Domino song, which Cheap Trick have been playing live for decades. As Grohl led a holding intro section, drummer Taylor Hawkins moved to lead vocals, telling the crowd about “one of the greatest bands that ever walked the fucking planet Earth … they’re called fucking Cheap Trick.”

“Are you fucking familiar with Cheap Trick?" he asked. "If you’re familiar with Cheap Trick, you’re familiar with this fucking guy. His name’s Rick fucking Nielsen. Look at that!” At the end of the song, Nielsen opened his jacket to reveal he was wearing the headline band's T-shirt, saying simply "Foo Fighters!" to the audience.

You can watch their performance below.

During the current leg of the tour, which runs periodically until Oct. 18, the Foo Fighters have welcomed guests like Joe Walsh, John Travolta, Chad Smith, Guns N’ Roses and Billy Idol. A pair of fans got married during one of the band’s shows, and someone known as “Kiss Guy” astonished Grohl when he was invited onstage to play “Monkey Wrench.”

Cheap Trick recently completed a summer tour with Poison, then made a guest appearance with Def Leppard and Journey last week. They’re due to tour the U.K. with Def Leppard in December, after a run of North American dates starting on Aug. 3.

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