After announcing their weeklong stint on the ‘Late Show With David Letterman,’ fans weren’t exactly sure what to expect from the Foo Fighters. While many predicted each night would highlight a brand new song from their upcoming album, ‘Sonic Highways,’ no one would have guessed it would be, well, the exact opposite. From their first night with Zac Brown to night No. 4 with Rick Nielsen, the Foos covered other people’s music.

Well, that all came to a halt on their fifth and final night (Oct. 17) on ‘Letterman.’ Dave Grohl and his crew tore through their just released new tune, ‘Something From Nothing’ -- and just like the studio track, they received a little help from Nielsen. Watch the performance in the video above.

And just in case you missed anything this week, the legendary talk show put together a nifty little flashback video -- not just covering the Foos’ musical performances, but also their comedic appearances throughout the week:

The Foo Fighters just celebrated the debut of their eight-episode series on HBO, ‘Sonic Highways,’ last night (Oct. 17). And in a couple of weeks, on Nov. 10, their latest full-length album of the same name will hit store shelves. Get details on the RCA Records album here.

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