Brooklyn's Fort Lean serve up a slab of their electric Bon Iver-ified swing jams on their new EP 'Change Your Name.' Much like the album title implies, their first single, 'All the Lights,' is a track about starting over. When spoke with Zach Fried about the lyrical motifs, he explained, "This is a song about estrangement, deception, infidelity and death. And having to change your name to escape a sordid past. Not that we have any experience with any of these things."

Is Zach making a sly reference to starting over in his creative endeavors? After all, the quintet did form from the broken pieces of acts like Acrylics, Bear Hands and Yanqui. Either way, we think you'll be pleased with the drifter anthem 'All the Lights.' Grab it below.

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