There are moments when we all wonder if it's all worth it. Big existential question, we know, and the Foxery explore with it some killer guitars in their new song 'Broken Vessels.'

Taken from their upcoming debut album, 'Unless,' the song's grueling guitars, combined with Calvin Fackler's piercing voice, add a somber and dark quality to the track. The Louisville-based band aims for the cheap seats on its anthemic song, and it reaches them with no problem.

Give a listen to 'Broken Vessels,' an exclusive premiere, below:

"'Broken Vessels' is about feeling like no matter what you do, nothing matters, and then finding comfort in that," guitarist Cadillac Young says. "Nothing has more meaning than what you give it so give everything as much meaning as you can. But only hold onto what you care most about and not much else. Let it all spill out. Someone will see the beauty in what you couldn't carry and make use of it."

'Broken Vessels' isn't the only song on 'Unless' (which comes out on Sept. 9) that carries a dark, heavy sound. The Foxery wanted to dig up some heavy topics, like self-reflection and finding hope in hopelessness.

"'Unless,' to us, is taking a look inside yourself, past the guts and the organs and the bones, and trying to make sense of it and hopefully grow from it," says Young. "Seeing beauty in the conventionally ugly and even in the unconventionally ugly. The songs are sad, heavy, and dark because we think that without acknowledging those things in life, that we all carry, the light can't shine through."

'Unless' is available for pre-order now at Spartan Records' website.