A housesitter discovered a man lurking inside the Los Angeles home of Frances Bean Cobain, daughter of the late Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love, yesterday (Oct. 13.) The intruder was in FBC's crib without permission and was promptly arrested for burglary.

The suspect is a white male in his 20s, according to TMZ, and upon being caught, he claimed that he knows Cobain, and that she'd granted him permission to crash in her abode.

That sounded suspicious -- and rightfully so -- to the dutiful housesitter, so she called the authorities. The intruder kept his story straight and told cops the 20-year-old Cobain had let him in.

When the cops reached out to Cobain and her people, they were told she doesn't actually know him, and that led to the trespasser being arrested for burglary. It remains unclear how he gained entry to the home, and while the incident was surely frightening, we'd wager that FBC would rather find an intruder on her property than, say, her estranged mother, Love. Mom and daughter have been at odds for several years now over myriad issues.