Philly's Free Energy are back on the scene with a new album bound for release just three short weeks after the end of the world. In case you aren't one of the survivors, we thought we'd let you eargest (that's digestion with your ears for you less-than-clever kids) the single 'Dance All Night'.

After a buzzworthy 2010, thanks to their debut 'Stuck on Nothing', Free Energy took a little time to themselves to craft the perfect follow up. 2013 will see the band's return with 'Love Sign', and if 'Dance All Night' is any indication of what's in store, we're pretty confident the sophomore will not disappoint. For those that don't know, Free Energy are a heavily classic rock-influenced pop band that, as their name suggests, puts on a very lively performance, making Free Energy a class act and not just a good listen.

When spoke to Paul, singer for the group, he had this to say about the teaser: "'Dance All Night' is the first song where I really tried to put my heart on the line. It's partly advice to myself, trying to get over a relationship, partly a confession of why I fail at relationships, and partly a letter to a girl in Philly who I have a crush on. In that order. This song kinda celebrates the fact that I still can't get it right. so now I'm trying to look at myself as honestly as I can in an attempt to live a better life."

Get some free music from Free Energy below.

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