A new commercial for Fruit of the Loom features 'Desperate Heart,' a new song by Gram Rabbit.

The advertisement, called 'Ribbons,' features three women in an empty white room with light streaming in and dry ice filling the floor. They are dressed solely in their yellow, pink and blue Fruit of the Looms. The timing for the campaign seems to be timed perfectly to coincide with the Olympics running right now, because they are dancing with ribbons, similar to the rhythmic gymnastics competition.

Originally from Joshua Tree, Calif., Gram Rabbit combines country-folk melodies with spacey, psychedelic keyboards. Gram Rabbit have released five full-length albums and an EP since 2004. Their most recent album, 'Welcome to the Country,' came out in July. The band took their name from legendary American music pioneer Gram Parsons, who died in Joshua Tree in 1973, and lead singer Jesika von Rabbit.

'Desperate Heart' can be downloaded for free from Fruit of the Loom's website.

Watch Fruit of the Loom's 'Ribbons' Commercial Feat. Gram Rabbit's 'Desperate Heart'