You may not be familiar with Futurecop! yet, but after watching their new video for 'The Only Way,' you may have a hard time forgetting them. The clip, which is for a track off the British electronica duo's 2011 EP, 'The Adventures of Starpony' (featuring French electronica musician Keenhouse), is a modern update of the classic 1987 B-movie, 'Mannequin' -- and an awesome remake at that.

Futurecop! get fine and funky on 'The Only Way,' and the video's plot is an appropriately funky one -- funky as in offbeat and eccentric, that is. A guy (Eric Isenhower of 'Parks and Recreation') shows up to work at the local mini golf course (eagle-eyed fans may recognize it as the Golf N' Stuff from 'The Karate Kid') one morning, and is given some menial tasks to do by his boss (comedian Jon Lajoie of 'The League').

On the course, he discovers the mannequin of a girl (Whitney Moore of the cult classic horror flick 'Birdemic'), who comes to life once he puts his sunglasses on her, a la 'Mannequin.' From there, guy chases the girl as she dances around the course, and then, after some sweet retro animation involving a castle and unicorns, the two turn into Futurecop! and rock the day away.

Watch the Futurecop! 'The Only Way' Video