It hardly seemed possible for the disaster surrounding the Fyre Festival to get even messier, but if there's one lesson the event's organizers seem to have learned, it's that things can always get worse — especially when your lawyers are sending cease-and-desist letters to your customers.

Scrambling to recover from a disastrous weekend that saw the entire event canceled after a single day and has already led to at least one potentially costly lawsuit, lawyers on retainer for the Fyre Festival's organizers are trying to tamp down on negative social media — starting by reportedly threatening legal action against attendees who live-tweeted their experiences on site.

According to TMZ's sources, at least one individual who shared a first-person account of the shoddy accommodations at the festival has been warned by Fyre organizer attorneys that they could face legal action if they don't delete their posts. Reportedly accusing the attendee of sharing false information that could "incite violence, rioting or civil unrest," the message struck an ominous tone describing potential consequences.

"If someone innocent does get hurt as a result [of your postings] Fyre Festival will hold you accountable and responsible," the festival's legal team is alleged to have written. "Inciting violence crosses the line."

While the report doesn't name the attendee in question, there's certainly no shortage of tweets describing conditions at the Fyre Festival, from the disaster relief tents that passed for lodging to the cheese sandwiches served for meals. It seems highly unlikely Fyre's attorneys could track down everyone who posted negative commentary from the festival — and even if they did, those posts have already been shared so far and wide that the PR genie is definitely out of the bottle. Still, if true, the allegations of heavy-handed legal threats speak to the chaos that must still be unfolding behind the scenes.

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