New York City's the Galaxy Queens carry an interesting story, having come together as four Midwest transplants in Brooklyn who didn't form with the ulterior motive of making it big in the big city. Some old friends, some new, and all with backgrounds that can be traced west to Minnesota, Ryan, Greg, Sean, and Dylan holed up in a rehearsal space with no illusions of grandeur about why they were going to create what they were going to create. It was just about good, no frills, warm rock music for fans of Ryan Adams, the White Stripes and Doug Martsch.

Greg Burmeister, bassist extraordinaire and comedic relief for the Galaxy Queens, tells, "'Wake Up Sleepers' is a number that hits you with a wall of rock. It's three minutes of driving guitar riffs and catchy vocals."

This is a statement that could apply to most of the group's compositions, and is also indicative of their laid back attitude as a whole. Simple, to the point rock 'n' roll. You can grab 'Wake Up Sleepers' below.

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