Omnivore Recordings has announced it will release a deluxe 30th anniversary edition of Game Theory’s second album, 1985’s ‘Real Nighttime’ (check out the album trailer above). The reissue adds 13 bonus tracks to the classic power-pop outfit’s sophomore effort -- including nine live cuts -- and will be made available for digital download and on CD and vinyl.

Omnivore Recordings
Omnivore Recordings

‘Real Nighttime’ followed Game Theory’s 1982 debut, ‘Blaze of Glory,’ and brought in Let’s Active’s Mitch Easter as producer. Easter contributes liner notes to the reissue, along with the New PornographersAC Newman. Also included is an essay by Forced Exposure magazine’s Byron Coley, who cites the album as one of frontman Scott Miller’s defining career moments.

“I believe ‘Real Nighttime’ is a pinnacle of Scott’s early days,” Coley writes in the new missive. “For all its surface flash, it’s an album that rewards deep listening. Let’s hope it makes the rounds again for a while so youngsters can unravel its beautiful mysteries.”

‘Real Nighttime’ will arrive on March 17; you can pre-order it here. The first vinyl pressing comes on limited-edition red vinyl, while the first 300 orders come with a never-before-issued flexi of the Game Theory track, ‘Dead Center.’

‘Real Nighttime’ 30th Anniversary Track List
1. ‘Here Comes Everybody’
2. ‘24’
3. ‘Waltz the Halls Always’
4. ‘I Mean It This Time’
5. ‘Friend of the Family’
6. 'If and When It Falls Apart’
7. ‘Curse of the Frontier Land’
8. ‘Rayon Drive’
9. ‘She’ll Be a Verb’
10. ‘Real Nighttime’
11. ‘You Can’t Have Me’
12. ‘I Turned Her Away’
13. ‘Girl W/ a Guitar’
14. ‘Any Other Hand’
15. ‘Faithless’
16. ‘Baker Street’ (Live)
17. ‘The Red Baron’ (Live)
18. If and When It Falls Apart’ (Live)
19. ‘Beach State Rocking’ (Live)
20. ‘She’ll Be a Verb’ (Live)
21. ‘Curse of the Frontier Land’ (Live)
22. ‘Metal and Glass Exact’ (Live)
23. ‘Girl W/ a Guitar’ (Complete) (Live)
24. ‘I Turned Her Away’ (Live)
25. ‘Lily of the Valley’

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