Gaslight Anthem frontman Brian Fallon and Gallows/ex-Alexisonfire singer-guitarist Wade MacNeil are pulling no punches as they engage in a war of words over Twitter. What instigated the online beef isn't exactly clear, but MacNeil got things going Friday by claiming Fallon hates Alexisonfire and then pointing out an article in hipster bible Vice magazine that didn't exactly say nice things about Fallon's Anthem.

"Recently found out that @brianmfallon hates my old band," MacNeil tweeted on Friday under the Twitter handle @dirtyblacklungs. "Luckily @VICE summarized what I think of his," he continued, ending the post with this link to the aforementioned Vice piece by Anthony Pappalardo with the self-explanatory title 'I Thought Nickelback Was the Worst Band On Earth But It's Really Gaslight Anthem' (sample excerpt: "I didn’t even need to hear Gaslight Anthem to know they suck").

Fallon responded with a flurry of his own tweets, the first one equal parts dismissive and succinct: "@dirtyblacklungs I dont even know who your old band is there, guy," Fallon wrote in his first Twitter note on the subject. "Wonderful to meet you."

Fallon quickly followed that up with another tweet: "@dirtyblacklungs hey, how about you direct message me an not talk shit on the Internet?"  Soon after, another tweet: "Dont worry...I'm a grown up. "There's no fighting and I never heard an Alexis on Fire in my life to like or not like. #askfirstshootlater."

Finally, Fallon did did some research and decided he liked what he heard: "Just checked out alexisonfire...solid band," he tweeted. "Love the Gallows! sorry @dirtyblacklungs but I like you. Good luck with everything!"

Finally, Fallon called out to his Gaslight Anthem fans to hold their tongues and not inundate MacNeil with negative tweets: "Hey...leave the guy alone," he wrote. "He probably heard a rumor or some misquoted press. All love. Let him be, everybody's just trying to get by."

Despite the string of responses to his original Twitter post from Fallon, MacNeil has yet to post his own response to Fallon -- and judging by the dozens of tweets he's put up since, it's certainly not because he hasn't had a chance to get on Twitter. Is that the last chapter, or is it to be continued? Stay tuned and we'll let you know if anything more comes of this.