If you don't know Gentleman Reg, you should. His fifth full-length, 'Life of Leisure Part Two,' released on Heavy Head Records, has been called "ridiculously addictive," and it is. Today, we get a free download of the album's 'The Declaration.' Grab it here.

With production by Timbre Timber's Chris Stringer, 'The Declaration' has a pleasingly complex sonic palette, led by Reg's intriguingly androgynous, soulful voice. The track also features guest vocals by a frequent collaborator.

"The whole time recording this new album, I'd been thinking I really wanted my longtime bandmate, singer/keyboardist Kelly McMichael, to sing lead on a song, as she has this incredible voice," Reg tells Diffuser.fm. "But as I'd already written the songs for my voice, we couldn't find one that worked. But toying around with this one, it just seemed to really fit the duet mode well. So we kept these very spontaneously recorded vocals. 'The Declaration' was very much a studio construction. It's my Gary Neuman moment. It's got the heaviest synths on the album, a Moog solo ... some of my favorite lyrics to sing ... it's all there!"

Grab 'The Declaration' below.

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