Gentlemen Hall are everything we love about Passion Pit, Matt and Kim, and Youngblood Hawke, all rolled into one way-too-much-fun synth-y sextet. So much fun, indeed, that Samsung chose the dudes' new single 'Sail Into the Sun' for the soundtrack to their latest commercial for the Smart Camera.

Now we're offering a free download of the viral hit, so you can enjoy it without being tempted into buying a sweet new camera you probably can't afford. 'Sail Into the Sun' is a bubblegum shout-along song with a naturally swaying motion you can't help but bounce along to while jamming it on your couch for your roommates.

While we would normally expect such a bright and shimmery jam to debut in July (when we could enjoy it sans couch), the band is satisfied by it's January timing.

"We're really happy the song is spreading around so quickly in the thick of winter," the group tells "Must be warming people up!"

Start a train, bob your head from left to right and smile during the chorus. Trust us.
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