As the New York City-based quartet Ghastly City Sleep prepare for the release of their second full-length LP, 'Lulling Skulls,' they have teamed with Diffuser to debut the brand-new track, 'Clumsy One.' You can hear the haunting song in the audio player below.

"'Clumsy One' began as a very dark and dancey-brooding mood-beat," the band tells us. "We found ourselves changing the tune over and over as we were developing it into a full band, live song. It slowly became less about pushing the electronics side and sank into a groove we feel is one of the more rock-structured sounds to be found on the new album."

Eloquently explaining the foundation of the track, Ghastly City Sleep remarks: "We imagine it to carry both the smoothness and the sharp-edge that a street filled with broken glass encapsulates."

Focusing on the lyrical side of 'Clumsy One,' the band explains, "This song focuses on our dilemma of the brain and its functioning from perspective. Seeing the world from our own mental thoughts -- with passion, belief, acceptance -- and our resulting actions and beliefs that we form. The topic is dealing with mental flow, thoughts which help in creating evolution, but more so evolution as part of family traits."

It's a song that nearly every listener can relate to. "Seeing the world by default from your parents' dealings, and their parents' dealings, and their surroundings, and on and on, to the point where there is no point," the band says. "That idea, that no matter what one things or believes, the person next to you could experience moments and emotions entirely different and not be stuck in the same manners. Thoughts can't stop spreading."

'Lulling Skulls' is set for release in October. Get more details on the band at their official website here.