Being a musician means logging lots of miles, and Kim Kylland is no stranger to the road. As leader of the Oakland trio Ghost Town Jenny, she's performed in California, Iceland and points in between, and the self-styled "cinematic soul" songstress knows the promises and perils of venturing far from home.

"Distance ain't no cure for a broken heart," Kylland sings on 'Suwanee,' a mournful, string-laden song about rootlessness from the group's forthcoming 'Golden Hour' EP, due out in January. is pleased to premiere the stark and spooky new tune -- give it a listen below.

"'Suwannee' deals with both loss and growing older, but mostly was written while I was feeling terribly homesick, and terribly anxious to keep traveling," Kylland says of the song. "It's a feeling I have struggled with for most of my teenage and adult life."