South Africa's Givan Lötz releases 'SNARLING,' his first album on Miami’s independent Other Electricities, tomorrow (Dec. 16). A visual artist as well as a musician, the Johannesburg-based multi-disciplinarian has created and participated in gallery exhibits, design project and live performance works.

'SNARLING' includes alternate takes of songs Lötz previously recorded and released. On 'Labrador,' streaming below, Lötz’s mellifluous voice undergoes extreme sonic manipulation. The slowcore dirge unfurls for three and a half foreboding minutes as a single chord sounds repetitively. Suddenly, though, machine-like harmonics stretch and snap into the sonic fray, creating the full-blown bummer jam we're left with as the track burns to a close.

Pre-order the limited edition cassette of 'SNARLING' at Other Electricities and take a listen to 'Labrador' below.