Fans of Givers can expect the quintet to move way 'Up Up Up' on the iTunes charts tomorrow, since their hit single is slated to appear on FOX's musical sitcom 'Glee' tonight (April 10).

While bands like Foo Fighters and Kings of Leon have denied the show access to their musical catalog, it has actually been a great launching pad for lots of indie artists, especially up-and-comers like Givers, who just released their debut LP 'In Light' last year.

On tonight's episode of 'Glee,' characters Artie (played by Kevin McHale) and Quinn (played by Dianna Agron) will perform the Givers track 'Up Up Up.' It appears that the creators of the show have taken the lyrics to the buoyant song quite literally, since both Artie and Quinn are confined to wheelchairs, so we're assuming they want to get "up" out of them. It's a bit cheesy, but the message of the song carries a very positive and sound message, so we understand why co-creator Ryan Murphy was attracted to the song for this specific scene.

In addition to the Givers tune, the 'Glee' cast will also take on Gotye's massive hit 'Somebody That I Used to Know' (onscreen brothers are singing it as a duet, which kind of weirds us out?) and Duran Duran's tracks 'Hungry Like the Wolf' and 'Rio.'

Take a listen to the original version of 'Up Up Up' below, and check out the 'Glee' rendition of the Givers tune after the jump. What do you think of their version?

Listen to Givers, 'Up Up Up'

Listen to the 'Glee' Cover of 'Up Up Up'

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